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EventPower at The Plaza

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Eventpower conference at the Plaza hotel sponsored by COPE (  I curated and moderated a panel titled, “The Convergence of Technology and Entertainment”.  I asked my pals, Ira Levy, from Levy Lighting (, Itamar Kubovy from Pilobolus ( and Mark Felix from the Drury Entertainment Group ( to join me in my panel to explore the newest and most dynamic uses of technology in entertainment. We had a great time sharing stories and offering some of our advice on the benefits (and pitfalls!) when exploring highly sophisticated and technical performances for special events.

The takeaway for me however, was more about the interaction with the true leaders of event industry. There are many industry events that take place throughout the year, but really, none like this. Event Power is far from a mere networking event, it’s more like a summit, where event professionals that shape the future of the industry come together to re-connect, share, and support each other with one goal in mind… to produce better events for our clients.

The team from the Plaza (  hit a home run for sure , and the fare served by Great Performances ( was delish. While we were in the main ballroom hearing from other great speakers like Frank Supovitz from the NFL, and the best selling author, and editor of Fast Company, William Taylor, we were able to follow along with the content pushed to iPads right at our seats. Thanks to the folks at Consise Media! (  Beyond the sessions, there were also opportunities for folks to socialize with each other, and I’m sure the attendees also were delighted to get a new head shot, with the photo shoot set-up from Elizabeth Beskin. (

During Lunch, we heard from design icon, David Beahm, ( and if you’ve ever wondered what designing the White House Christmas was like, you would have loved to be a fly on the wall for his presentation!

Later in the day, in the famed “Oak Room” at the Plaza, we teamed up with David Beahm and his amazing design team to give a chance for everybody to kick back a bit and share a cocktail (see photo below). David created an incredibly unique stage set that framed our musical performance, “Electro-Baroque” featuring Nicole Renaud, setting the perfect atmosphere for everyone to reflect on the day and make new friends.

Thanks to Jim Cronin and the rest of the COPE team for putting together such a great day!



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