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A Little History…

On The Move
Since 1993, On The Move has been helping to entertain audiences around the world thanks to their exclusive roster of exciting talent. On The Move is a vibrant, powerful, all-in-one resource that provides some of the best entertainment for events large and small. Offering the best in NYC entertainment and beyond, On The Move is one of the best self-contained entertainment companies in the world.
Having worked events of all sizes over the past two decades, On The Move only specializes in one thing, bringing a good time to those at the show. The top flight talent, state of the art equipment and dazzling light show is all put together to ensure that everyone is having the best time possible no matter the size of the event.

Who is Part of On The Move?
There are a number of groups and artists that have made On The Move one of the most sought-after entertainment specialists for over 20 years. The group Synergy, a DJ/Band hybrid has been the most popular group in On The Move’s formidable line-up since 1993. Synergy delivers a powerful, vibrant experience that has helped put On The Move on the map in terms of showcasing the best talent for all types of events.
Flagship bands such as Winston’s Crew and Souled Out have been featured at many events for Fortune 500 companies, A-list celebs and even Heads of State. Whether you need a NYC DJ, a wedding band or even a specialty band, On The Move has what you need in terms of full-out entertainment.
Everything You Need For the Big Party.

In addition to showcasing some of the best talent, On The Move also has one of the finest productions staffs in the industry as well. By using the latest in stage and event lighting equipment, On The Move produces one of the best visual experiences to augment the pro-audio sound that pulsates throughout the room, whether it’s a small ballroom, big auditorium or a large outdoor venue.
With video mapping systems and LED walls that are second to none in terms of visual effects, your next event will be one to remember thanks to the professional staff at On The Move. In fact, no matter the size of your event, they will have what is needed to bring the house down.

What On The Move Can Do for You
Whether you need a NYC wedding band for your reception or need to entertain thousands under the bright lights, On The Move has what you need. In fact, the more intimate the event, the better On The Move can provide what you need to make it unforgettable. Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, celebration parties and corporate events benefit from having experienced talent that knows how to bring the fun.
They have a unique combination of big time experience working major events with large companies such as Nike or the Food Network, yet they bring with them the knowledge and experience to work a smaller, more intimate event as well. This powerful combination means that they can provide you with the best in entertainment all for a low, competitive price that will fit your budget.

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