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Alexis Stone

This gorgeous songstress brings new life to jazz, blues, the classics, and pop music with her smokey soulful voice.

Sabor Ensemble

The beautiful sounds that define Latin Music, and customizable playlists with an incredibly deep repertoire of music suitable for background music or even to get folks up and dancing!

Electro Baroque

On The Move curated a never before seen ensemble that fuses Soprano Opera vocals, with classical strings, and a modern DJ spinning custom backing tracks. The result is called “Electro-Baroque”. To further emphasize the dichotomy of old and new, each artist in the ensemble has electroluminescent and ultraviolet lighting woven into their costuming.

Rock Lounge Trio

Taking a break from the standard jazz ensemble, The Rock Lounge Ensemble is the perfect solution for great ambient music. Instrumental covers of instantly recognizable rock music is what sets the Rock Lounge Ensemble apart from any other intimate jazz group.