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Talent: cirque


Soaring aerial entertainment either using the venues hanging points OR our free-standing rigs.

Costumed Greeters

Charismatic beautiful female and male talent in options of hundreds of costumes to fit your theme or color scheme…or….our in house designers can custom create something just for you!

The Birdcage

This free-standing custom made set piece is a life size birdcage with aerial hoop in it’s center for stunning aerial performance without needing to rig or tie in to the venue.

Interactive Multi Talent

This utterly unique physical comedian-meets cirque artist-meets character actor has a one-of-a kind way of engaging guests and keeping them laughing!

Body Balancers

Balance, power, living sculpture, our body balancers can offer a feature performance or several ambient sets. Available in various combinations, male, female, trio’s and quartets.

LED Hula Hoops

This mesmerizing multi-hula hoop cirque act will have everybody spinning!

L.E.D. Cyr Wheel

World class acrobatic power enhanced with LED technology… color, vivid patterns, programmable images & branding. A truly high impact visual!

aerial champagne

Aerial Champagne Servers

Guests gasp as they are poured a glass of champagne (or rosé or shots!) from a stunning aerial performer overhead!

Cube Contortion

Contortionists weave, balance & bend through and around a pair of architectural steel cubes- brings in a whole new visual twist!

Cirque Ball Players

This highly customized “Peg Balancing Act” shows off pure power & balance with a clever baseball twist. Notice the pegs are replaced with baseball bats!
Home run.