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Living Skyline

This chic Art Deco New York City skyline comes- to- life is perfect for greeting, interaction with guests and themed photo op for a NYC inspired or themed event

Floating Vine and Violin Garden

As guests enter the room, they walk under a canopy arch of greenery & vines. Once many of the guests have entered, a stunning violinist in magical woodland costuming enters playing beautiful melodies along to backing tracks. The violinist floats through the room as a dreamy nymph-like ballet dancer floats in and dances her way through the room. As the room fills up, the canopy arch of greenery comes to life! “ Fantasy Vines” are 10 feet tall four-legged stilt performers.


Stunning models with hand crafted chandelier headpieces dripping in crystals will leave you delirious!

Living Baseball Statues

Flawless living bronze replicas of baseball players perfect for a sports themed event.

Topiary Couple

This couple of moving “flora” appear to be decorative lawn ornaments that come to life!

Pop Art People

Inspired by the Pop Art movement of the 50’s this conceptual, kitschy couple greet, mingle and dance making Andy Warhol proud!

Birch Tree People

These graceful living trees with pale gray bark and bright heart shaped leaves bring a bit of the shady forest to your event.