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Talent: branding

Custom Body Painting

The human form becomes art & sculpture, a living installation.  Design is customized to suit your theme and/or color scheme and can incorporate branding and logos.

Caricature Wall

This live interactive art piece incorporates guests into a larger than life caricature mural that unravels over the course of the event. Can incorporate themes and branding and end up with a great take away art piece at the end of the night!

Cigar Rollers

Enjoy the art of a hand rolled cigar expertly blended with the finest tobacco.  No outdoor area for smoking? No worries- guests can take the cigars as the perfect takeaway gift!

Party Painter

Capture beautiful imagery from a magical moment forever. Our Party Painter creates intrigue as they paint the live & in-action for the full course of the event and a few weeks to follow send you a perfected masterpiece!