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Specialty Talent

Need a WOW moment to captivate your guests? Need an interactive element to enhance a theme? Our speciality performers and unique artists are poised to take your event to the next level!

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“Cirque Acts”

Performances of spectacle and fun that embody On The Move’s excellence in unique talent.  These acts span every shade from elegant to bizarre, but are always unforgettable.

“Ambient Performance”

Strong visually compelling performances that happen several times  in “sets” in a key location , or various locations in the room over the course of the event.

Typically the ambient performances would happen seamlessly to the music the dj or band is playing without stopping as these performance moments are meant to catch guest’s eyes but not necessarily command full attention

“Feature Performance”

A short and compelling “stop and watch” performance  moment on a stage or central location meant to attract everyone’s attention in the room at a peak moment during the course of the event. Performance has its own specific music and lighting to support it being a Powerful moment.

“Novelties and Gaming”

Upbeat activities that include guests in creative ways.  These options are amazing for their outgoing, social nature.  In many cases guests walk away with a keepsake.

“Stationary Interactive”

An interactive entertainment piece that is set up at a fixed  location.  Guests approach a particular area for the experience and/or takeaway piece.

“Strolling Interactive”

An interactive entertainment piece that is immersive and mobile flexible to move through the room offering guests an  experience and/ or a takeaway piece.