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On The Move: Talent Roster

Here you will find video and audio examples of what makes On the Move truly special - our performing talent. This eclectic roster has something for everyone. Click through the categories to find an act that's perfect for you.

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"Live Bands"

Live Bands carefully chosen and presented by On The Move stand out for their professionalism and musicianship. They are energetic, responsive to the crowd, and flawlessly produced, delivering time and time again to the delight of guests worldwide.

"Specialty Talent"

Need a WOW moment to captivate your guests? Need an interactive element to enhance a theme? Our speciality performers and unique artists are poised to take your event to the next level!

"Unique Ensembles"

As a featured performance, or simply blending into the background, On The Move’s musical ensembles can be the perfect complement to any event. Ranging from stunningly elegant to bizarrely adventurous, our custom curated ensembles provide the ultimate soundtrack to your event.

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