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OTM Dashboard Information

Hello contractors at On The Move!

I hope this finds you well! You’re here here because we’ve inquired to you about working with us on an upcoming event, and we have a new Job Information Dashboard that will be the main way we will communicate with you about the details on our events together.

This is how the new system works:

1. Inquiry. You will receive an email from OTM asking you if are AVAILABLE for a specific date. You will click the link in the email that will take you to the dashboard where you will see the date we are inquiring about.

2. Confirm your availability. This step is NOT a confirmation from OTM that you have the gig. It only lets us know that you are available (or not). At this step you can leave us a note (if necessary) regarding the date.

3. You are selected! The dashboard will then send you an email letting you know that you have been selected for the event. This is your confirmation for the event. This is when you know… It’s a go!

4. Confirm information for the event! (Basically new version of what used to be “a job sheet”.) At this point you can click on the event and select “View Job Details”. You must then confirm you have read and received the gig information in full. Most often, specific job details are updated right up until the week of the event, so you will receive another “FINAL” notification when the job details are finalized and ready for your confirmation.

5. Confirmed information for payment:  Immediately after the performance, your gig producer will request that you log on one more time to verify that the rate we have for you is the one agreed on, along with any adjustments.  From there, your payment will be released through, where all of your bank details and personal information will be securely stored.

Your next step for logging in:
Please click this link. Simply follow the steps to create your new account with OTM so you can be in our talent database!

This is a new system, so we understand there might be some questions. If you have any, please email our IT genius, Todd, at .

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