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We also can not call philosophy a supra-science, for it also uses hypothesis and arguments.

So what exactly is rich media? By definition, it is an online advertising technique that combines graphics with audio technologies, giving Internet users an interactive experience. And with more than half of American households connected online and using high-speed connections like broadband and DSL, it means a potentially lucrative way for online advertisers to get consumers’ attention.

One company taking online advertising to a different level is Centale Inc. (OTCBB: CNTL), based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The online marketing and technology firm offers cutting-edge technology solutions to its clients.

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Some of our clients.

On The Move Entertainment was founded in 1993 as an event production company specializing in entertainment. Headquartered in New York City’s floral district, On The Move is a direct resource for the industry’s most intriguing performing artists.

On The Move’s exclusive roster of talent includes some of the most sought after live bands, ranging from intimate unique ensembles to full scale orchestras. On The Move’s specialty talent division curates one-of-a-kind immersive experiences for clients around the world.

Over the course of an illustrious 28 year history, On The Move has produced and collaborated on thousands of events for discerning brides and grooms as well as organizations in every imaginable business and non-profit sector. From finance to fashion and pharma to manufacturing, our teams are active domestically as well as internationally.

Our Team
After receiving a degree in Archeology, Darren did what every Indiana Jones wannabe did: he started an entertainment company. Thousands of events later, Darren’s passion for entertainment and eye for detail is uncanny. On his days off, he enjoys a good handyman project and a Johnny Walker Blue, just not at the same time.
Creative Director
Rocky’s industry ‘street cred’ stems from globe-trekking as a professional dancer and managing specialty talent for cirque, nightlife, and sideshow. In 2014, her 16-year boutique sized representation of talent, Rock-L Productions, merged with On The Move, bringing visuals and spectacle to complement the extraordinary music! If you tell her about any homeless dogs, she will try and keep them.
Director of Sales
Lisa has worked in the luxury and events industry for the past 10 years. Specializing in music and live entertainment she delicately personalizes a unique experience for every event. When not hustling and chatting it up, she meditates daily, cooks a mean sauce, and tries to keep plants alive.
Music Director
Hailing from New Mexico, Gabe’s dedication to music is showcased in his bass playing skills. He knows all about the best places to eat around the city, and will happily accompany you to go get donuts.
Production Coordinator & Choreographer
The “Jack-Of-All-Trades”. With his positive energy and charismatic attitude, Joshua has danced his way into the office and the hearts of our clients. As Production Coordinator and Choreographer, you will find him doing anything from shakin’ his booty on the dance floor to overseeing and coordinating a full out production.
Executive Assistant
Since graduating from Clemson University, Vanessa has found her way back to the arts by becoming the heart of On the Move. With a background in dance & theatre, Vanessa hopes to grow in the world of entertainment and further her career alongside her new team. In her free time, this energizer bunny can be found traveling the world, shopping, or eating sour candies! 
Event Coordinator
With over 10 years experience in the music industry, Ilana's passion for live entertainment and attention to detail have seamlessly created a love for executing unforgettable experiences.  When not curating events, you'll find Ilana fueling her Peloton addiction, planning her next getaway, or searching for the best spicy margarita in the city.
Director of Social Media
Camila has worked as a Graphic Designer and Content Storyteller for the past six years. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the city looking for the best guacamole, as well as traveling.
Media Producer
Born and raised in Savannah Georgia, Kat is a beach girl who made her way to the big city. She fell in love with videography at an early age, and turned a hobby into a career. When she’s not working on the next best video, she’s likely upcycling some clothes, planning her next trip, or indulging in a healthy dose of reality tv. A stranger to no one, Kat is fueled by meeting new people- she talks fast, laughs hard, and lives loud!
Music Executive Assistant
Rosie made her way to the U.S from Dublin, Ireland after finishing her degree in Commercial Modern Music. She has a passion for all things music and hopes to develop herself within the Entertainment industry in NYC. When off the clock, she can be found working on personal music projects, rollerblading around her neighborhood, and eating all the best sushi she can find.
Our Clients
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