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Holiday Entertainment Done Right!

Corporate Holiday Entertainment, Done Right!

If you have ever been to a corporate holiday event, you know there’s a ton of preparation that goes into the production. If you are a company in need of corporate holiday entertainment, would you really know who to hire? Let’s face it, there’s a ton of businesses out there that provide entertainment for corporate events but you really should look into one that hosts a number of different types of projects.

EventPower at The Plaza

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Eventpower conference at the Plaza hotel sponsored by COPE (  I curated and moderated a panel titled, “The Convergence of Technology and Entertainment”.  I asked my pals, Ira Levy, from Levy Lighting (, Itamar Kubovy from Pilobolus ( and Mark Felix from the Drury Entertainment Group ( to join me in my panel to explore the newest and most dynamic uses of technology in entertainment.

Better late than never…

Hello Event World! Ok ,it’s half way through 2013 and it’s our first blog? Yep! It is, but as the expression goes… better late than never. On The Move will be regularly blogging, posting, tweeting, and socially active on the web. We look forward to sharing our experiences with the wonderful people we have crossed paths with over the past 20 years. Should be fun!


A Little History…

On The Move
Since 1993, On The Move has been helping to entertain audiences around the world thanks to their exclusive roster of exciting talent. On The Move is a vibrant, powerful, all-in-one resource that provides some of the best entertainment for events large and small. Offering the best in NYC entertainment and beyond, On The Move is one of the best self-contained entertainment companies in the world.
Having worked events of all sizes over the past two decades,