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Top 18 TRUEST Quotes on #InternationalWomensDay2018

Happy International Women’s Day!

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite empowering and inspiring quotes from some badass women to celebrate. Let us know what YOUR favorite quotes are!!!

1. “Over the years, I have learned that what is important in a dress, is the woman who is wearing it.” -Yves Saint Laurent, Designer

2. “A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

3. “Power’s not given to you. You have to take it.” -Beyonce Knowles Carter, Entertainer

4. I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.” -Maya Angelou, Civil Rights Leader

5. “A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That’s why they don’t get what they want.” – Madonna, Entertainer

6. “I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself.” -Emma Stone, Actress

7. “Do not bring people in your life who weigh you down. And trust your instincts. Good relationships feel good. They feel right. They don’t hurt. They’re not painful. That’s not just with somebody you want to marry, but it’s with the friends that you choose. It’s with the people you surround yourselves with.” -Michelle Obama, First African-American First Lady of The United States

8. “If you have an idea, you have to believe in yourself or no one else will.” -Sarah Michelle Gellar, Actress

9. “What I do for my work is exactly what I would do if nobody paid me.” -Gretchen Rubin, Author of “The Happiness Project”

10. “[My mother] told me that fear was not an option. I was always told that women are stronger, so I believed it.” -Diane Von Furstenberg, Designer

11. “It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent.” -Madeleine Albright, Politician

12. “Forget about the fast lane. If you really want to fly, just harness your power to your passion” -Oprah Winfrey, Talk Show Host and Philanthropist

13. “Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore.” -Lady Gaga, Entertainer

14. “Women are always saying,’We can do anything that men can do’ but men should be saying,’We can do anything that women can do.” -Gloria Steinem, Journalist and Spokeswoman

15. “I am a woman with thoughts and questions and shit to say. I say if I’m beautiful. I say if I’m strong. You will not determine my story–I will.” -Amy Schumer, Comedian

16. “If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader.” -Dolly Parton, Entertainer

17. “In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.” -Sheryl Sandberg, Author and Activist

18. “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” -Alice Walker, Novelist

The future is female!



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